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Changing/Replacing & Fitting Locks

If you are thinking about changing or replacing door locks on your house or apartment or new business premises, Anong's Locksmith will be able to assist you in fitting a replacement lock.

UPVC Door & Window Lock Repair

There are number of reasons why a UPVC Door or Window lock will need repairing if it is broken or damaged, you will either be able to fix the problem or you might need a lock replacement.

Car Key Programming

If you need a Car Key Programming because you have lost your car keys, damaged the chip in the key fob or just require a replacement set a Anong's Locksmith can help.

Lost Keys to your House or Home?

Anong's Locksmith will be able to help you if you have Lost your Keys or Locked out in any situation, usually if your key is damaged in the lock we can cut a key there and then.

Security Safe Services

If you need your Safe opening, repairing, moving or removing or even you need to buy a safe and have it installed then a Anong's Locksmith offering Safe Services will be able to help


Tricia D.

Honolulu, HI

Professional, fast and knowledgable. If you are looking for a locksmith - look no further. Rekeyed our 2013 car that was stolen...he was ready to help us the day it was found. Huge mahalo for saving us!

Trish A.

Oakland, CA

Anong totally saved me!! I'm visiting from California, and have been borrowing a friend's car. I locked my keys in while I went to the grocery. I gave him a call, and he was there within fifteen minutes. Five minutes of watching him, the door swung open and I was home free. Thanks Anong!! :)

Cj P.

Honolulu, HI

I am a property manager and use them exclusively for my properties and rentals. They always show up within 30 minutes of my service call and get the job done smooth and quickly. I highly recommend them to anyone and thank them for their years of hard work and professionalism.

Mike W.

Honolulu, HI

Anong's Locksmith was able to come within 30 minutes; and worked quickly, quietly, and professionally. The quality of the work was excellent, and the price was fair. I'd call them again, in a second.

About Us

About Anong's Locksmith

Anong's Locksmith specialize in all types of locks for your home, business office and cars. These locks can include ones for your doors, windows, closets, even safes. Anong's Locksmith can install or repair any locks for you. Some house locksmiths may be general handymen but others may be employed by a company to perform routine jobs for them. Anong's Locksmith can install the right locks on your home to keep it safe from potential burglars. Our house locksmith can also make the keys for any of your locks and provide you with special locks required if you have certain valuables you want to keep protected. Both modern and antique locks can be installed in your home by a house locksmith if you prefer the look of one or the other. Hiring a house locksmith to install locks in your home does not have to be expensive if you prefer to have one who does separate contract work instead of being an in-house locksmith. A house locksmith can also open any locks in your home that you may have lost the keys to. When any keys to house locks are lost, the house locksmith can create new keys for you. As with other locksmiths, the house locksmith usually performs the work on the spot. Our house locksmiths can be contacted to do any kind of lock and key repair or replacement job in your home. Your house locksmith should be bonded and licensed to do any kind of lock and key work in your home..

Locked out of your house?

  • Lost the key to the sliding door?
  • Broke the key?
  • Locks Frozen?
  • Want to consolidate keys/locks?

Locked out of your business?

  • Need better locks for your work?
  • Lost or broke the key?
  • Want to upgrade to keyless?

Keys locked in your car?

  • Lost the key?
  • Broke the key?
  • Locks Frozen?
  • Trunk key not working?

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